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Spitfire Vb 1:33 - Halinski

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Update 55Tweeted 2 years ago

Complete! Really enjoy the construction process. 
This is an entry level kit from Halinsky, gonna try some challenge ones in the future.

Update 54Tweeted 2 years ago

Connected the propeller and the fuselage with a spindle

Update 53Tweeted 2 years ago

Now that the propeller is assembled, I wonder if I should make it movable or simply glue it to the fuselageπŸ€”

Update 51Tweeted 2 years ago

Preparing the propellers

Update 48Tweeted 2 years ago

Preparing the cockpit canopy and some accessories, missing the window part of the reinforce front...

Update 46Tweeted 2 years ago

Installed the landing gears.

Update 44Tweeted 2 years ago

The main landing gear
I purchased the resin wheels to simplify the process 😜

Update 43Tweeted 2 years ago

Engine exhausts attached

Update 42Tweeted 2 years ago

Engine exhausts, painted with metallic color.

Update 41Tweeted 2 years ago

Oil cooler and air inlet

Update 40Tweeted 2 years ago

Glued the wing-fuselage connection

Update 38Tweeted 2 years ago

Plating under the engine

Update 37Tweeted 2 years ago

Glued the wing to the fuselage, start to look like a plane now

Update 36Tweeted 2 years ago

The entire wing is assembled and ready to attach to the fuselage

Update 35Tweeted 2 years ago

Preparing the wing flips

Update 33Tweeted 3 years ago

Preparing the parts of the radiator

Update 32Tweeted 3 years ago

Before glueing the sheathing, I've sanded the attaching surface as inclined planes so that they are attached without exposing the edges. Maybe there are better ways handling this.

Update 31Tweeted 3 years ago

Main wing sheathing is done. I was a bit worry about glueing this part. The result looks OK.

Update 30Tweeted 3 years ago

Attached the recesses of wheels to the wing

Update 29Tweeted 3 years ago

Recesses for placing the wheels. Try putting them inside the rib see if they fit before glueing them to the wing sheating.

Update 28Tweeted 3 years ago

My work in progress moment for Halinski Spitfire Vb

Update 27Tweeted 3 years ago

Preparing the wing sheathing

Update 26Tweeted 3 years ago

The position of the notch of part VIIv seems wrong, have to cut it then glue them together.

Update 24Tweeted 3 years ago

To make the flaps movable, I attached them with blue stick instead of glue. I might glue them at the end if they don't hold up πŸ˜…

Update 23Tweeted 3 years ago

Horizontal stabilizer installed

Update 22Tweeted 3 years ago

Horizontal stabilizer parts are ready

Update 21Tweeted 3 years ago

Horizontal stabilizer and elevator rib

Update 19Tweeted 3 years ago

Connected the entire fuselage.
This time I glued each part separately before attaching them to the main body, it's a bit difficult to connect each section in the final step ...

Update 18Tweeted 3 years ago

Tail of the fuselage - vertical stabilizer

Update 17Tweeted 3 years ago

Completed the head of the fuselage.

Update 16Tweeted 3 years ago

Continue working on the head of the fuselage. All parts to be assembled...

Update 15Tweeted 3 years ago

Not making much progress theses days. Just finished the skeleton of the engine casing.

Update 14Tweeted 3 years ago

Made a mistake - interior part of the canopy was put outside πŸ˜… 
Fortunately, I managed to fix it without any noticeable flaw. 
Thank you @papiracky for letting me know, how amazing is to have someone building a similar model with you at the same time! πŸ˜‰

Update 13Tweeted 3 years ago

Completed the cabin section.

Update 12Tweeted 3 years ago

Was not able to attach both ends, after sanding, finally close the gap.

Update 11Tweeted 3 years ago

Combined both the left and right sides

Update 10Tweeted 3 years ago

Left side of the cabin

Update 9Tweeted 3 years ago

Made these two cylinders (oxygen cans I guess?) from paper. Pretty happy with the end result.

Update 8Tweeted 3 years ago

Right side of the cabin

Update 5Tweeted 3 years ago

Control stick and dashboard

Update 3Tweeted 3 years ago

Working on the cockpit now

Update 2Tweeted 3 years ago

Some parts assembled 2 years ago

Update 1Tweeted 3 years ago

Halinski spitfire vb, started 2 years ago, not much progress... gonna resume the works, hope I can finish it this time.