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Paper model collections - 2022

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Tweeted 2 years ago

Got my paper models ordered from GPM two weeks ago. The size is in A3 format, two times of an A4 book (AH-64)... Hard to find a place to store them😅

Tweeted 2 years ago

Got my order from Halinski (14 kits in total). Don't think I have time to complete them all, just can't resist to collect and put them on my bookshelf... 

Here are parts of them - 1/4

Tweeted 2 years ago

Bought these two paper models - Card Army #1 and #2. Authored by Marcin Dworzecki, who has designed/co-designed a bunch of great models published from Halinski. The details level of the FM-2 Wildcat is even beyond the Halinski ones!

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Tweeted 2 years ago

Got these two new paper models a few weeks ago. BF-109 from model-hobby and F-16C from Orlik, both look great.